Thursday, December 30, 2010

My own needs

After such higher thoughts (see previous post) you might think that it would be somehow improper to think next about yourself and your own needs. We are conditioned, especially as women, to sacrifice our own comfort and the satisfaction of taking care of ourselves to a secondary place after attending to others.
But it is natural and healthy to be moved to care for ourselves. What do you do as soon as you get up? Do you make your bed (a need for order)? Do you head to the bathroom to use it and wash up (cleanliness)? Do you go to the kitchen and turn on the old coffeemaker (sustenence and strength!)?
These needs also give us the desire to get up in the morning, and fulfilling them is natural and satisfying.
What daily routines help you to stay focused and feel motivated?

1 comment:

  1. Self care is vital ~ we can't take care of others if we neglect ourSelves. As for me, I start with my two-word prayer … I get the coffee going … smile in the mirror … and journal. :)